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    Yun Guang UHV Engineering large parts electrical equipment
    2018/5/8 xΔ[1771]
    In December 10th, with the arrival of 3 flat wave reactors from the Beijing power plant general plant to the Chuxiong converter station, the major electrical equipment of the Yun Guang UHV project will be shipped to the world's first field of the first 800 thousand volt high voltage direct current project. Because of the great importance and the long period of equipment manufacturing, the massive transportation of Yun Guang UHV project has milestone significance in the history of UHV construction in China power grid.
    It is understood that the converter station of the Yun Guang direct current project has 74 large equipment, such as converter transformer and flat wave reactor, with a total value of more than 400 million dollars, accounting for 41.5% of the total price of the engineering equipment. As the largest equipment in the converter station, the converter transformer is about 12.5 meters long, the width and the height are 4 meters and 4.85 meters respectively, the transportation weight is 312 tons. The total weight of the transformer is nearly 450 tons after the installation of the accessories and the oil injection, which is larger than the 500 thousand volt converter transformer.
    The equipment should be transported to Whampoa port of Guangzhou by road, railway and sea route from abroad or at home, and then transported to the site of the converter station through railway or highway, so it is quite difficult to transport.
    The builders have spent a lot of time transporting these expensive and huge equipment. From the early feasibility study, the UHP company began to study and carry out the choice of transportation route, the widening and strengthening of the weak sites and bridges along the road section, and the migration of obstacles, and actively carrying out contact and consultation with the railway departments, making special transport vehicles, and arranging transportation plans.
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